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Help the member become a better manager of his assets and resources: A. time B. capital C. employees D. customers.

Through (1.) Planning & goal setting (2.) Sound fiscal planning, marketing, and execution.  (3.) Employee Relations & (4.) Customer Relations 

Written communication of letters, newsletter, magazine, membership directory, seminars, workshops, convention speakers, personal visits, telephone, contact and dealer meetings where information on the above stated goals is given.

Design, change, market and service a health insurance program that fulfills the dealer members need at a competitive price.

Analyze, formulate and work for changes that need to be made in state and federal laws and regulations.

Design, conduct, compile analyze and distribute survey results such as ”Iron Solutions” and “Cost of Doing Business Survey”.

Design and Market Forms and supplies that fulfill the dealers need at a competitive price.

Endorse a reputable Property & Casualty Insurance Company, which will provide proper insurance coverage.

Affiliated with the North American Equipment Dealers Association – “Committed to building the best business environment for North American equipment dealers!”

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