• Help the member become a better manager of his assets and resources: A. time B. capital C. employees D. customers.
  • Through (1.) Planning & goal setting (2.) Sound fiscal planning, marketing, and execution.  (3.) Employee Relations & (4.) Customer Relations


  • Written communication of letters, newsletter, magazine, membership directory, seminars, workshops, convention speakers, personal visits, telephone, contact and dealer meetings where information on the above-stated goals is given.
  • Design, change, market, and service a health insurance program that fulfills the dealer members need at a competitive price.
  • Analyze, formulate and work for changes that need to be made in state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Design, conduct, compile analyze and distribute survey results such as ”Iron Solutions” and “Cost of Doing Business Survey”.
  • Design and Market Forms and supplies that fulfill the dealers need at a competitive price.
  • Endorse a reputable Property & Casualty Insurance Company, which will provide proper insurance coverage.